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 Frequently Asked Questions

Faith & American Politics Facilitator Training
How long are the Faith & American Politics Course DVD video clips?
They are approximately 25 minutes in length each, and the last one is approximately 35 minutes.
Do Facilitators participate in the Dyads?
Yes and No. If you would like to participate and take on that additional commitment then that is very appropriate. It may be necessary to have the Facilitator participate if there are an uneven number of Participants. If there is an even number of Participants, the Facilitators do not need to participate in the Dyads unless they would like to do so.
Do you have to use the Triad Discussion questions provided in the Facilitator Guide?
No, you as Facilitators can generate new questions for Participants or even allow them to think of a question they would like to discuss.
Other questions or comments? Please contact Info@FaithandAmericanPolitics.com.