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This is the single most important adult education I have taken in 25 years.Millions of Americans of faith are confused today by our roles as citizens and congregation members and by how to communicate with each other civilly, respectfully, and with understanding.

This 7 week adult education course, published by Logos Productions, Inc., provides readings, videos, group exercises, reflections, and one-on-one conversations.  Interactive sessions of and 2-3 lay facilitators and 10-12 participants  create safe environments for considering one's own faith and political journeys and those of fellow participants.  They practice the art of listening and effective expression on difficult topics.  The goal is mutual understanding and effective communication.

This course has inspired participants in over 35 states to re-invigorated citizenship.  It has energized congregations, retirement communities, and other groups to clarify their roles as faithful citizens and congregation members. 

Please explore this website to learn about the program, the interactive conversations, interactive web-based facilitator training, and the sessions themselves.