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Facilitator Training

To be a Faith & American Politics Facilitator is to turn a key and unlock the knowledge, resources, and interests of the members of your group. The root word for "facilitate" means "make easy," and in a nutshell, that is the role of the Facilitator.  Facilitators are not teachers.

Faith & American Politics has created an online, interactive Facilitator Training to make this course easy for Facilitators and their Participants. This training equips lay leaders to facilitate small groups, walking them through the program step-by-step.

Following an overview of the course, this self-paced, interactive training explains the highlights of each session and helps Facilitators feel more comfortable with their roles.  Facilitators may revisit the online training whenever they want a refresher.

To receive information about the online training, contact Info@FaithandAmericanPolitics.com

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This interactive online Facilitator Training was developed by Faith & American Politics, Inc. in cooperation with
Train-Ease, Inc.
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